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The Role of Technology in World Missions

Updated: Mar 25

In the past, missions work involved extensive travel and often years of preparation. Missionaries would move to remote locations, learn new languages, and adapt to new cultures in order to spread the word of God. However, with the rise of technology, there are new opportunities for world missions that have revolutionized the way the gospel is shared. Here are just a few areas of digital evangelism and online discipleship.

Digital Evangelism:

Traditional evangelism methods often involved face-to-face interactions with people, such as street preaching or door-to-door evangelism. While these methods are still effective, technology has provided new avenues for reaching people with the gospel. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, allow Christians to share the gospel with their friends and followers around the world. Additionally, websites and mobile apps, such as YouVersion and BibleGateway, provide free access to the Bible in multiple languages, making it more accessible to those who may not have had access to it before.

Online Discipleship:

Online discipleship is another area where technology has played a significant role. Through online platforms, such as Zoom and Skype, missionaries can connect with people in remote areas, providing them with biblical teaching and discipleship. Additionally, online courses and training programs can equip local leaders to lead their own churches and disciple others.

One example of successful online discipleship is the This website provides resources and tools for people who want to grow in their faith and disciple others. The website includes articles, videos, and an online community where people can connect with each other and receive support and encouragement.


Technology has opened up new opportunities for world missions that were not possible before. Through digital evangelism and online discipleship, the gospel can be shared with people all over the world, regardless of their location or language. While technology should never replace face-to-face interactions, it can be used to support and advance world missions, making it easier for people to hear the good news and grow in their faith. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more exciting developments in this area.

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